Questions about the Videos

  • What did you used to make the videos?
    To made the videos I used these programs: "InsideUO" and "UO Character Viewer" in order to extract images from game files, either "MS Paint" or "Photoshop 5" in order to modify bitmaps and "Macromedia Flash 5" to put all together.
  • How long does it takes to make one of them?
    It takes from 20 minutes to an entire day. It depends on how many images you have to create (they must be imported into the Macromedia Flash probject and positioned one by one).
  • Would you teach me Macromedia Flash?
    No! :-) If you want to learn how to use Macromedia Flash then on the Internet you will find a lot of sites full of manuals for beginners.
  • Why I can't watch the videos?
    Probably you didn't install the Flash player plugin into your browser. In theory when you open a page with a Flash video, the browser should automatically download the necessary plugin. If it does not work, you can try either modifying your browser settings or downloading the plugin from Adobe-Macromedia's site.
  • Do you make videos on request?
    No! :-)
  • Are you going to make new videos?
    Who knows... there are some videos I have never finished. One day I might decide to finish them :-)

General Questions

  • Do you still play UO?
    No! No one from the "Baldassarre Productions" still plays Ultima Online. Sometimes you can see me on the Venus Shard while I am refreshing my account.
  • Does Venus Shard still exists?
    Of course! In the "Link" section you can find a link to the official site.
  • How can I play UO on Venus shard?
    In the "Link" page you can find the link to the official site. On that site you can find all the information you need.
  • Would you come in my shard?
    No! I am not going to play Ultima Online anymore. It's not like I don't enjoy it anymore, but just because I prefer playing new games.
  • I saw a "Baldassarre" in the shard where I play, are you that pg?
    No! No one from the "Baldassarre Productions" still plays Ultima Online, it is just a homonym.